Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Who is Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn has been analysed to near death by the Tory press, we practically know his breakfast habits and it's no secret that he has bedded Diane Abbot .. free love and all that Jeremy, but Diane Abbot!  We know he is left wing and has a socialist agenda.  We know that he believes in peace in our time and as such tried to work with the IRA and Sinn Fein to bring a peaceful solution and this being used as a stick to beat him.  We also know that despite the Tory party deriding him and his policies the only thing he has flip flopped on has been the trimming of his beard and the quality of his suits.

You cannot say the same of Theresa May. Turning Theresa seems totally flexible in her approach to getting votes, whether from her own party or the people.

Who was it who supported Remain, but now wants a hard Brexit at any cost?

Theresa May

Whose Government wanted to increase Corporation Tax against Small business,  but turned in the face of opposition?

Theresa May.

Who is it that derides the costings of the Labour manifesto,  but refuses to cost her own manifesto?

Theresa May

Who said they would not hold an election before 2020, then two days later calls an election?

Theresa May

Who stopped payment for software upgrades to the health service prior to the recent NHS  IT attack

Theresa May

Who has cut police while Home Secretary, so that we now have a situation whereby intelligence gathering is restricted and we now have troops on our streets to compensate for reduced police numbers.

Theresa May

Who is it that crumbled under scrutiny of Andrew Neil, but thinks she can sit across the table from the EU and win a tough negotiation.

You know, vote the Tories out!

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