Saturday, 18 March 2017

Theresa May the hypocrite

Theresa May stood as a "Remainer" but has embraced "Brexit" and some of us have labelled her a hypocrite.  I can't agree with my fellow "Remainers" on this.  She is enforcing the will of the people, as constituted by the Act her predecessor implemented.

However, where as a "Remainer"I disagree with May is her stance on the "Single market", "EU Nationals" and of course wider than Brexit her wider domestic policies.

We do not need Free schools, we do not need over paid Heads of Academies.  Schools are facing unprecedented rises in costs through no fault of their own, such as NI increases and no corresponding increase in income.

A local secondary school is having open forum crisis meetings with the local community, a local Primary school has put staff on notice of redundancy and this is happening through out the country.

May should be protecting the |UK economy instead of allowing it to leak and investing in our future by giving the children of this country the best education we possibly can.

Alternative sources of funding by the the government are multitude and May should be looking to them not cutting our country and our children's future!

Is blogging dead?

Well mine certainly has been.  Since I last blogged we have seen so much change and not only around us but also the world of communications has changed.  people express their thoughts on twitter and Facebook rather than simply a blog, however not withstanding that i am going to try and add my occasional thoughts on life and the universe and see where it takes me.  Enjoy the ride everybody .. it may be a long one or may just be a false restart.