Wednesday, 24 May 2017

A pebble of destruction creates a ripple of thousands

After the tragic events of Monday we are all reeling and that is before we hear the full list of the dead and then the injuries to the 60.  Physical injuries that will be life changing and even if there are not physical injuries then the mental injuries the post traumatic shock that will be suffered by many. A pebble of destruction creates ripples of thousands.

Some will not look beyond the towering presence of Islam, but the truth is on a daily basis children are dying from the events in the middle east .. Bombs from Isis,  Russia and the West.

At the same time the UK election has come to a halt.  Only idiots like Farage have tried to take advantage of the situation, but the main parties have agreed to hold back.

The Tories can regroup after the disaster that is Theresa May interviewed by Andrew Neil.  Labour will need to refuel the momentum they had built up that was suddenly threatening at least the Tory majority size.

It almost feels dirty talking about the election after Monday but life does go on and our future is about to be decided for the next 5 years, so the discussions and arguments and analysis must continue, but it does seem so irrelevant and unimportant after what has happened to our innocents.

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