Thursday, 20 April 2017

This election will determine who we are for decades

So Theresa May has called a new election in the hope that she will gain a majority similar to that which Thatcher achieved - 144 - when Labour was in similar disarray. The current Tory government has a minimal majority and yet it is wreaking havoc on our health service, the disabled and education.
We should not allow this election to be about Brexit. Collectively for those of us not tied to the tories we should fight together against poverty, alienation, lies and divisiveness . A coalition of the main parties to oust this government is the only way we are going to avoid dismantling of the welfare state as we know it.
If you do not oppose the Tories getting a significant majority then you will condemn this country to a greater division between the haves and have not's and suffering that will go on for decades to come

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