Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Enjoyment starts in the first day of retirement!

As you age you half look forward to getting old and half regret the disappearing years.  At 40 if you are male you are told that that thing the size of a walnut that can only be accessed by your doctors finger in the rectum is going to grow and grow and grow and a full nights sleep is never going to happen again.  If you are female you are looking at the fluctuations offered by the menopause.  It ain't easy so the prospect of a happy healthy retirement around the corner when you are in your 50's is the incentive to keep going.

The Government and health authorities are supposed to be easing us into retirement, but oh no now we hear we are going to have to work longer and our pensions will be reduced.  I can live with that but today I hear on Radio 4 (the fact I listen to that shows I am ageing in itself) that after you reach 65 you should be severely reduce your alcohol intake.  For the sake of god, let us enjoy our twilight life. Let people ageing eat drink and be merry.  When I retire I am going to have loads of cheese, drink loads of whiskey, fornicate if I fancy it and I may even take up smoking.

There comes a time when you really should not worry about your health over your enjoyment and that time starts on the first day of retirement.

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