Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Top Tips or 30 day Blogging challenge!! day 2

Being part of the Nikki Pilkington 30 day blogging challenge sets its own challenges, over and above achieving a daily post that is not just gibberish to fulfill an obligation. Its great that we have broad topics to write on each day and today is "Top Tips", but what if we are not going to be around a pc or lap top during the day to despatch something?  There is a common misconception that those people that do not have a laptop in tow have dumped it for a Ipad.  For me the only Ipad that I have is worn by pirates.

That said many of us are in possession of a smart phone, yes you know one of those things with over sensitive key pads and battery lives that challenge the mortality of an adult mayfly.  So if while you are away from the pc or laptop and you are on the 30 day challenge or you blog and are likely to be inspired to write, as some authors often are, and you have a smart phone. My first tip is as follows:-

1. Set up your potable electronic communications tool to be able to send a posting directly to your blog.

This leads directly to tip two, read your draft before you post.  Or if you have little fat fingers like me, your blog may be full of typos or even worse silly embarrassing errors, maybe not as bad as some that appear on Damn You Auto Correct but you never know.

2. Check you have written what you wanted to write before you send it to your blog.

Tip 3 is an obvious one if you are a suck up like me.  I met Nikki a few months ago and had a a nice cosy lunch with her, along with 30 - 40 others.  Any way, sitting next to her, her knowledge of the cyber world interested me. I followed her on twitter and recently paid more attention to her posts following a "Power" altercation she was having.  Then I saw the 30 day challenge.  I do have a less serious blog than this is intended to be, but have struggled to get the right feel and tone to start this one off.  So Nikki has given me a boost.to get this going.  My third tip is follow Nikki and her website.

3. Follow @NikkiPilkington and monitor Nikki Pilkington.

My fourth tip is for people that just want to put their thoughts out there for themselves and are looking for the satisfaction of their own writing not promoting a business or cause or themselves.  Don't worry about the numbers of people that are coming to your blog.  If it interests you then there will be others that are interested too, you are unique, but you are not.  write what you want to write, not what you think others want to hear.

4. Write what you want to write not what you think others want to hear.  There will always be others that want to hear what you want to say.

If you are writing for yourself, just remember that whatever you put on your blog goes out into the cybersphere, so if you don't want it read by others, don't blog it.

5. Only Blog what you are happy others reading or at least be aware of the consequences. Abby Lee never expected to be exposed as Zoe Margolis and her parents to hear about her sexual desires and fantasies, but she was and they did.

The first five tips are my tips and come from me, the remaining are generic, so you may wish to end your reading here, but before you do, given my serious blogging innocence, Why not leave me a comment and let me know how |I am doing so far?

So you have decided to read on thanks.

Point six is about frequency.  One a day for thirty days maybe a bit over the top for normal life but not for a challenge, but if you leave it too long between posts then people won't return and you know you have something to share so share it.  some people do suggest a daily blog and they may be right for some but for others weekly or fortnightly maybe appropriate, as any marketeer will tell you, do what is appropriate for your audience or resource.

6. Blog frequently, without over kill.

Point Seven add a level of originality to your post, there is no point reading your blog if it is a rehash of something else inn the public domain.  People will read your blog because it is interesting, it won't be interesting if what you have said is already in the public domain.

7. Have something to say, don't just repeat from elsewhere.

Point eight is about having something that you want people to hear.  if you are in the category of bloggers that blog for them selves and do not care if they have even one visitor thats fine, but most of us want to be heard and want our writing to be read, so make sure that you communicate your blog through different channels.  Use buttons on your site to communicate, make it easy for your reader to find yuo encouragce readers to set up feeds and follows.

8. Communicate your blog.

And that is day two of Nikkis 30 day blog challenge, i hope you have enjoyed the read and I have communicated some wisdom. Please leave a comment and why not follow me to see how things progress.

Tomorrow I am away from the pc and the lap top, so lets see how smart phones work for bloggers.


  1. Good points - especially four and five. I think people forget that what they say in the online world is there 'forever'.

    I have two blogs - one business, one personal. I usually manage 2-3 blogs a week max, so 30 days of one a day is going to be an interesting challenge.

  2. I especially like tip #3 :) Nice one!

  3. Love it, great tips and an enjoyable read. Might be good to have links pop up in separate window to avoid people like me disappearing off giggling at sites like Damn You :) (unless there's some reason I've overlooked for not doing so which is more than likely!)

  4. thanks all, bathbomb, how do you have links pop up separately? isn't damn you brilliant!

    Tomorrow going to be blogging on the go so look out for lots of typos from the little fat fingers!!